Progress Update 25-07-17


The next update is coming along well, Mech building mechanics are mostly in, the models have to just be modified from being smooth to having a flat low poly look.

I'm also recreating how items are combined, "the drop items to combine them" was a placeholder until I can get to how the campaign will be played and then create a construction system that works well in that environment. Right now its heading in the direction of having a centre plate on which a rotating camera will move around and the player then selects items off a pop up inventory similar to how vehicles are built in a game called Crossout.

Battle Armor;

I've been experimenting with battle armor models, (For now) all armor items will be created off a single template to allow mixing and matching of battle armor types. both updates will be up by the middle of August 2017 and parts for the updates will be added in the updates that follow.


When this starts to feel like a game demo instead of a framework demo devlogs will then continue in a version by version update or changelog.

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